Reading: “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty”—2 Corinthians 3:17

Daily DevotionalsWhat liberty we have in our adoption into the family of God through Christ! It is not liberty from the assaults of sin, for we still carry about a body of sin, under which we groan. Nor is it from the temptations of Satan, for he is still leveling at us many fiery darts. Nor is it from outward troubles, for the world is a wilderness of sorrows. Nor from inward fears, for unbelief follows us. Not from the chastisement of the wise and kind Father, for then many a sweet visit of his love, under the rod, would be unknown. Nor is it liberty from death, for the stroke of it thou must one day feel, though Jesus has taken out the sting of it.

What liberty then is it that we enjoy? Has not the sight of God’s glory in Christ freed you from the curse of the law, the guilt of the law, the dominion of sin, the power of Satan, the evil of unbelief in your own heart. Has the gospel not freed you from the terrors of justice, from the alarms of conscience and from the second death?

Does the sight of Jesus dying for you, rising for you and pleading for you not enlarge your heart and loose your bonds, and shake off all fetters and fears? Does the thought of Jesus on the throne not give you liberty to come to him, to call upon him, to tell him all your wants and necessities, and to lean on his kind arm in every hour of need? Shout, and echo the apostle’s words, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.” This is liberty to approach, liberty to plead, liberty to pray, liberty to praise and to adore the whole persons of the Godhead, for having opened the prison-doors and given you freedom in Christ Jesus!