Reading: “So David prepared abundantly before his death.” 1 Chronicles 22:5

Daily DevotionalsA. W. Pink described the last stage of David’s life like this: “The sand in David’s hourglass was running low; the time appointed for his departure from this world had almost arrived; yet it is beautiful to behold him using his remaining strength in the service of God, rather than rusting out amid the shadows.”

The Holy Spirit dwelt at some length upon the closing acts of David’s reign. From 1 Chronicles 22–29 we know what David’s preparation before death included:

  • He completed the preparations for the building of the temple.
  • He instructed Solomon concerning the Lord’s house, concerning his own personal conduct, and concerning the removal of his enemies.
  • He gave a charge to the princes to stand by and assist his son.
  • He ordered the priesthood in their courses, especially in matters of worship.
  • He gave a charge to the officers of the nation.
  • He gave to Solomon the pattern or plan of the temple which he had received from God.
  • He gave his final charge to the whole congregation.

Like Paul after him, David knew that his life counted for others (“To abide in the flesh is more needful for you”

[Philippians 1:23]). His remaining days were absorbed with cares for the glory of God and the welfare of His people.

How much sand is left in your hourglass and how will you spend your last days? Have you prepared as carefully for your death as you do for your life and retirement? Sadly, many do not prepare at all before their death and give no thought to the care of their soul after death. Seek the mercy of God in Jesus Christ before it is forever too late and use what strength and time you have left for God’s glory.

In doing what we ought we deserve no praise, because it is our duty. —St. Augustine