A Rock that stands forever
Is Christ, my Righteousness!
In Him I stand un-fearing,
In everlasting bliss!
Christ is my boast and glory—
All wrath for me is o’er;
The judgment of the sinner
Affrighteth me no more.

There is no condemnation,
There is no hell for me!
The torment and the fire—
My eyes shall never see!
For me there is no sentence,
For me there is no sting,
For Christ, my Lord, who saved me,
Will shield me with His wing!

No hunger, Lord, nor thirsting,
No danger, fear, nor fight,
No foe, no tribulation,
No throne, nor pow’r, nor might,
No height, no depth, no creature
That has been or can be,
Can pluck me from Thy bosom—
Can sever me from Thee!

My heart in joy upleapeth—
Grief cannot linger there!
O Jesus, Lord in glory,
Thou art my sunshine fair!
The Source of all my singing
Is Jesus there above,
The Sun that shines upon me
Is Jesus and His Love!

Paul Gerhardt, 1607–1676