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Genesis Three: Introduction

The story of the Bible is the story of the sovereign God, the salvation of man and the spoiling of Satan and his helpers. Genesis chapter three is the beginning of that story. In that chapter, there are three major areas of biblical study that continue throughout the Scriptures; theology, anthropology, and demonology. In the [...]

Genesis Three: Introduction2019-02-09T01:03:59+03:00

Pentecost and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit: The Promise of Success in Missions

Moses prayed that “all” the Lord’s people would have the Spirit. Joel prophesied that the Lord would pour out of the Spirit on “all flesh” and Paul tells us that we have “all” been baptized into one body. The repeated gift of tongue throughout the book of Acts proves that this happened and shows that the giving of the Spirit at Pentecost was intended for the Church universal; “all” believers; “for there is no difference” (Romans 10:12).

Pentecost and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit: The Promise of Success in Missions2019-02-08T11:13:47+03:00

Why do Pastor’s Kids Go Wild?

"...how similar the Christian life and ministry is no matter where you go in the world. We have the same basic needs; though different on many levels, yet so similar." Monday afternoon class at our collage here in rural Africa is a little different. We have a discussion class, when the teachers sit at the [...]

Why do Pastor’s Kids Go Wild?2019-01-21T23:13:46+03:00

Characteristics of a Healthy Church

It is important to distinguish between a true Church and a healthy Church. Five of the seven churches in Asia minor were “true Churches” but they had serious health problems. Some were dying a slow and silent death. So, it is important to be able to identify health concerns and to work towards a healthy Church. [...]

Characteristics of a Healthy Church2019-01-21T23:20:03+03:00

We Are Created to Think

The words of God, “let us make man” (Genesis 1:26) on the sixth day of creation introduce the creation of a being that would be different from every other part of creation. Man became the greatest part of the week’s work and the only part of creation that is said to be made in the [...]

We Are Created to Think2019-01-08T14:33:38+03:00

Recovering A Sense of Awe in the Fellowship of the Saints (10 min. read)

The twentieth century was not a good century for what the Apostles' Creed calls “the holy catholic Church: the communion of saints.” In that century the Church witnessed its greatest fragmentation since the Protestant Reformation. Coupled with this, and perhaps developing form it, was the emphasis on individualized Christianity that had begun in the previous century. By [...]

Recovering A Sense of Awe in the Fellowship of the Saints (10 min. read)2018-12-18T11:03:09+03:00

The Sin of Ham and the Curse of Canaan

Woodcut after a drawing by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld (German painter, 1794-1872). Credit iStock. When Noah stepped off the ark, he stepped into a whole new world of fresh opportunities.  He was, in some respects, a second Adam. The effects of sin were soon apparent. The old man Noah, formerly known as a [...]

The Sin of Ham and the Curse of Canaan2018-12-17T02:58:43+03:00

Preaching from the Song of Solomon

  One would have to be spiritually numb to miss the connection between this song and the believer’s relationship with Christ. For Christians, this is the most natural reading of the book, and the received position of the Church for millennia. Sometimes, however, the preacher is tempted to get to Christ and devotional application at [...]

Preaching from the Song of Solomon2018-10-27T10:15:18+03:00

St. John’s Theology of Overcoming (1 John 5:4-5)

The gospel does not only help me to overcome, it makes me an overcomer. If overcoming faith is real, then the overcoming life will be a reality. The apostle John more than any other New Testament writer expands on the theme of overcoming, particularly overcoming the world. Paul speaks of the believer overcoming in the judgement [...]

St. John’s Theology of Overcoming (1 John 5:4-5)2018-10-25T10:05:31+03:00

Rethinking Missionary Giving

If our giving does not demand returns or produce spiritual growth, then we are only propping up the church not building it up, and we are doing the Church a disfavour. Late in August 2018 baby Moses was committed to the care of the FAME Cole Baby Unit by the courts in Mwingi (Kenya). He [...]

Rethinking Missionary Giving2018-09-15T13:38:50+03:00
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