Reading: And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS” Revelation 19:16

God is sovereign. He rules over all his creation, and don’t forget, this is now a fallen creation and a world of rebels. God made the world, He sustains it, and He determines the destiny of all in it; those who have rebelled against Him and those whom he has chosen to save.

Lucifer has declared war with the kingdom of God and wields significant influence. However, while Satan enjoys his little day of limited power, he knows that his time is short. God will get glory in judgment because He reigns in justice. But He is also merciful and he will get glory in saving rebellious sinners.  Wither in justice or mercy, He is Lord of all.

Our work is to preach the mercy of God to a sinful world. We should not be distracted by the attacks of Satan. We should preach the gospel with confidence. Whether the world hears or not (Ezekiel 2:5), it is our duty to preach and He who has died will indeed receive the reward of his sufferings and He will be satisfied, because he is Lord of all.


“The motive is this, ‘Oh! that God could be glorified, that Jesus might see the reward of his sufferings! Oh! that sinners might be saved … Oh! that sin were put an end to, that the holiness, righteousness, mercy, and power of God might be magnified! This is the way to pray; when thy prayers seek God’s glory, it is God’s glory to answer thy prayers.” —C. H. Spurgeon