Reading: “Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death” James 1:15
Maybe you’ve heard some say, or you’ve said it yourself when you realize the horrible consequences of a sin, “How did this happen to me?” or “How could I do such a thing?” Perhaps Adam and Eve thought this often in the years that followed as they reminisced on those  hours in the garden.
Without over-simplifying it, I believe we can condense the process of sin in the garden down to two issues which formed a toxic mix; discontent and alternative desire. Satan’s cunning undermining brought her to doubt and denied God, and then the completion of sin when she defied God.
Discontented in her present condition, thinking she needed to be independent and self-governing, Satan then capitalized on her discontent and pressed home the convincing proposition that the fruit of the forbidden tree would provide the answer. Notice how Satan’s cunning ways brought her to the point where she saw no difference between the forbidden tree and all the other trees in the garden. In her eyes, they were all “good for food and pleasant to the eyes” (2:9; 3:6). Sin had become as “good” and “pleasant,” in the woman’s eyes, as God’s good gifts.
Discontent with our current situation and the deluded sight of forbidden “green” fields destroys our ability to reason. We destroy reason when we harbour temptation!