Reading: “for I know him whom I have believed” 2 Timothy 1:12

We all know someone who likes to namedrop; perhaps you’ve done it yourself. Perhaps you have met someone, well-known or not, who has made a deep impression on you.

As Christians we sometimes speak of having a “personal relationship” with Jesus. In reality every individual on the face of the earth has a personal relationship with Jesus; some in salvation and some in judgement. The relationship in judgement will be just as visceral as the relationship in salvation.

For many  Christians however,  this relationship is unfortunately overplayed and clichéd. We often take for granted the fact that we know Jesus. We have lost the thrill of knowing the King of kings. I can tell the world that I know the One who has defeated Satan, I know the man who has taken the sting of of death!

We fluctuate in our feelings and walk depending on our circumstances. We take the benefits and blessings of knowing Him and puff ourselves up, and we receive his chastisement with bitterness and resentment. We need to remember that Christianity is a person, not a way of life, nor a system of thought. Whatever the circumstances, whether His countenance shines on us or his face is hid from us, let us enjoy the person of Jesus Christ for who he is; the living Son of God, God the Son, and our Redeemer.