TwezeldownCamp Bramshott was a temporary camp set up on Bramshott Common in the south of England. Camp Bramshott was the base for  Canadian troops during the First and Second World Wars. The 11th Field Ambulance left Twezeldown on Monday 12th June 1916 for the fourteen mile march to Bramshott (The Diary of the Eleventh gives the date as 13th June). James’ diary entry was short that day. He wrote;

We left Twezeldown Camp for Bramshott Camp.

The Diary of the Eleventh states;

On the 13th of June a march of 14 miles through magnificent country, brought the company by afternoon  to the famous Bramshott Camp, to a world of Canadian soldiers. An advanced party had pitched tents hard-by the Seven Thorns Inn, but these had for the most part to be struck and pitched again; and as the day turned very bleak and the men were tired and hungry, the impression  that Bramshott made was anything but favourable, especially when compared with Twezeldown.