Reading: “I die daily.”—1 Corinthians 15:31

Heavenly Father, who has permitted me, in Your great mercy, to see the light of another day, enable me to begin and to end it with You. Let all my thoughts and purposes and actions have the superscription written on them, “Holiness to the Lord.”

Give me to know the blessedness of reconciliation—what it is, as a sinner and the chief of sinners, to come “just as I am, without one plea” to that blood “which cleanses from all sin.” I desire to take hold of the sublime assurance that Jesus is “able to save unto the uttermost,” that He has left nothing for me as a suppliant at Your throne—a pensioner on Your bounty—but to accept all as the gift and purchase of free, unmerited grace.

While I look to Him as my Saviour from the penalty, may I know Him also as my Deliverer from the power of sin. I have to lament that so often I have yielded to its solicitations, that my heart, a temple of the Holy Spirit, has been so often profaned and dishonored by the “accursed thing,” marring my spiritual joy, and sorely interrupting communion with the Lord I love. Give me grace to exercise a godly jealousy over my traitor affections, to live nearer You, to have the magnet of my heart more centered on Yourself, to keep the eye of faith more steadily on Jesus, to live more habitually under “the powers of the world to come.”