Reading: “And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world”John 17:11

O Lord, You who, in Your last prayer on earth, did so touchingly say of Your pilgrim people, “These are in the world,” still bend Your pitying eye upon me as I travel burdened with sin and sorrow through the valley of tears. So “sanctify me through Your truth,” that, though in the world, I may not be of it—not conformed to its sinful practices and lying vanities. Bring me to say, with regard to all in it that was once so fascinating, “My soul is even as a weaned child.” With my face heavenward, may I declare plainly that I seek “a better country.”

Grant that this day, in all my worldly communion, I may have the realizing sense of Your presence and nearness. May I set a watch on my heart and keep the door of my lips. May cherished feelings of love and devotion to You be intermingled with all life’s duties and engagements. May I know that a simple faith in Jesus is the great secret of victory over the world. Oh, may the trembling magnet of my vacillating affections be ever pointing to Him, and then I shall be made “more than conqueror.”

Through His all-prevailing merits and advocacy, hear my prayer. In His most precious blood, forgive all my sins. By His indwelling grace, sanctify my nature, that my whole body, soul, and spirit may be preserved blameless until His coming. Amen.