Reading: “That I may know Him.”—Philippians 3:10

Blessed Jesus!—Sun of my soul! and Light of my life!—Shine upon me this morning with the “brightness of Your rising.”

May I enjoy this day union and communion with You. May a sense of Your favor pervade all its duties, sanctify its blessings, and lighten its trials. May it be to me the sweetest and holiest of all thoughts, that You are ever with me—that, though unseen to the eye of sense, the eye of faith can discern Your gracious presence and the manifestations of Your nearness and love. May the realized assurance that You are thus at my side, dispel every misgiving and dry every tear. May I hear You, even now, saying to me, “Lo, I am with you”—I am with you now—I shall be with you “always”—and when the world is ended “I will” that you “be with me where I am, that you may behold my glory!”

O adorable Saviour, how sadly is Your beauty obscured from my view by reason of my own sin! How feebly do I apprehend the mystery of Your love, the glories of Your person, the perfection of Your atonement! Hide me in the clefts of the rock and while there, “I beseech You, show me Your glory.” May every fresh glimpse of “the great love with which You have loved me” rebuke the lukewarmness of my heart. May I covet a closer walk with You. May my existence be one continued Emmaus journey, its hours passing joyfully by, because happy in the presence and converse of a risen Redeemer. All this I ask in my Redeemer’s name. Amen.