Salvation By Grace Alone

When we speak of Salvation by grace alone, we mean that the Bible says this; every man is a sinner before God. Now we have got to take that seriously. People say well, I am really not a bad person, I don’t drink, I don’t gamble, I don’t steel, I have never committed adultery, I have never murdered etc. etc. These are all good things in a relative sense; I would rather have a neighbor who was kind and decent and good and upright and honest than have some lying rascal next door to me, that I couldn’t turn my back upon. We applaud those social virtues, but before God we are all sinners, we have broken the first and great commandment of the Law of God, which is to love god with all our soul strength and mind. We are all sinners, and not small sinners, but big sinners. We are dead in sin and corrupted in sin, we are self-centered and not God-centered.

Those who boast how good they are have lived their life in rebellion against God and in rejection of His son, trampling the blood of Christ beneath their feet. They live as if the Bible didn’t say the things that it says; that is big time sin.


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It is too often overlooked in this age of information that the gospel of Christ is beautiful in its simplicity. At we focus on this simplicity, first in the evangelistic presentation of the gospel and then to encourage Christians to think biblically for devotion and direction in life. We believe this is the emphasis of the New Testament writers.

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