Dr. T. T. Shields on Roman Catholicism: Pt. 2. “A Powerful International Political Organization”

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Two related issues formed the impetus of Shields’ fight with Roman Catholicism in Canada. The first was the theological and spiritual danger of Roman Catholicism which we have previously considered. The second was the Roman [...]

Dr. T.T. Shields on Roman Catholicism: Pt. 1. Theologian and Pastor

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On June 15, 1949, an article appeared in Maclean’s Magazine featuring Dr. T.T. Shields of Toronto; the title was “The Battling Baptist.” This perception of Shields as a controversialist, rightly or wrongly, has become the [...]

Genesis Three (Pt.6): The Subtlety of the Serpent

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It’s hard to get the hook out when it’s in past the barb—some flesh will need to be sacrificed. When sin gets our attention and gets a hold, it's difficult to remove and detach ourselves from it. This is where the woman found herself.  Having captured her attention and locked her in conversation, Satan began to devour her (1 Peter 5:8).

The Majesty of God and a Disabled Child

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If God chooses to get glory in sustaining a child with chronic illness or disability, rather than by removing the condition, that is His prerogative and we should rejoice in it. Removing it may make life easier, more pleasant and comfortable for the family. But God does not exist for our happiness—we exist for his glory. God forms babies in the womb that will cause us to fear Him, reverence Him and stand in awe of Him.