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Baptist Pastor J.B. Rowell on the Somme Front

Between the months of July and September of 1916 allied forces engaged in one of the bloodiest battles in human history; the battle of the Somme, in northern France. Vimy Ridge is etched in Canada’s national memory, but in October of 1916 the 2nd and 3rd Division of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces, engaged at the Somme, were victorious at the battle of Courcelette. In September these Divisions were limped into reserve and replaced by the 4th Division. James B. Rowell, a Baptist pastor, served with the 11th Canadian Field Ambulance in the 4th Division.  His story is told in his personal diary, letters to his fiancée, and also the official diary of the 11th Canadian Field Ambulance.

A brief account of the life of
Dr. J.B. Rowell


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