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Rachal Watt and her Journey to the Hill Country of Ukambani

“The sun was beaming down in all his tropical power and splendour on that glorious morning in 1893 when we landed at the Arab town of Mombasa, on the eastern shore of the continent of Africa,” wrote Rachel Watt as she, her husband Stuart, and 4 children arrived in Kenya for the second time.[1] Their [...]

Rachal Watt and her Journey to the Hill Country of Ukambani2022-01-03T17:21:48+03:00

Willing to be Weak

Photo by Milan Ivanovic on unsplash Today’s culture idolizes strength. In blogs and podcasts, on social media tag lines and consumer ads we hear slogans like “be a boss,” “crush’n” it,’ and ‘kill’n it.’ We are encouraged to be on top of our game, to be self-assertive, to be “top dog,” and for [...]

Willing to be Weak2021-09-19T09:51:27+03:00

Rachel Watt: First Female Missionary to the British East African Interior

Eva Stuart Watt (center) with her sister and mother Evangelical Christians living in Ireland in the early to mid-twentieth century would have been well acquainted with the name of Eva Stuart Watt (b. 1891). Eva grew up in Kenya and later moved to Ireland where she became a prolific author, artist, missionary advocate, [...]

Rachel Watt: First Female Missionary to the British East African Interior2021-05-29T21:58:00+03:00

54 Interesting Facts about Africa (… Kenya and Missions)

Lake Naivasha (Sept. 2018) As a mother and wife in the mission field, my role has been mainly to care for my family. I’ve not had time really to develop a  particular ministry as a single missionary might do. However, As a result, I’ve had the privilege of observing everything around me, like a fly [...]

54 Interesting Facts about Africa (… Kenya and Missions)2019-12-27T17:51:42+03:00

Strength in the Struggle

Last month while we were in Nairobi, on a routine clinic visit, I noticed Emily had been drinking a bit more water than normal. I decided to test her blood glucose. I wasn’t too worried, I do this every now and then if I suspect an abnormality in behavior or health. Well, turns out my [...]

Strength in the Struggle2019-09-22T00:31:21+03:00

The Hands and Feet of Christ

Have you ever felt alone......even invisible to God? Sometimes as Christians we go through times of silence, where we feel isolated from our Lord.  Just reading through a few Psalms reminds us that this is a normal experience and sets us seeking Him anew. Often this sense of withdrawal happens during times of trial or [...]

The Hands and Feet of Christ2019-12-21T14:51:10+03:00

An Inconvenient Obedience

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. We’ve had a crazy few months! Thomas became very sick and we ended up in hospital twice, first with a severe viral infection and stomach bug which led to a bacterial infection. He’s doing well now, and we are thankful for the prayers of all our friends, [...]

An Inconvenient Obedience2019-12-21T14:50:55+03:00

Taste and See that the Lord is Good (7 min. read)

One of the challenges of living in rural Kenya is food. I tend to think about food a lot here because we have to plan ahead more. In the first few weeks of living here, I wanted to make the effort to have familiar treats and meals for the kids to help them settle in, [...]

Taste and See that the Lord is Good (7 min. read)2018-12-18T11:36:24+03:00

Need is the Norm

In asking us to embrace the suffering and the struggle, Jesus is asking us to enter into a deeper trust and dependency on the truth of the gospel. So here we are living at FAME (Friends of Africa Missionary Endeavour). Our orphanage has around 130 kids, who are now our close neighbours, as well as [...]

Need is the Norm2018-09-04T14:57:43+03:00
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