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The Teenage Years of Jesus

A group of American young people on a missions trip to Africa The teenage years are referred to as the “formative years”—the development and maturing of adolescence (Latin:adolescere meaning "to grow up"). The teenage years are years of adventure, exploration, and learning. But they are also years of struggle, often torturous and painful, [...]

The Teenage Years of Jesus2021-04-30T01:22:14+03:00

Why do Pastor’s Kids Go Wild?

" similar the Christian life and ministry is no matter where you go in the world. We have the same basic needs; though different on many levels, yet so similar." Monday afternoon class at our collage here in rural Africa is a little different. We have a discussion class, when the teachers sit at the [...]

Why do Pastor’s Kids Go Wild?2019-01-21T23:13:46+03:00

R-Rated Religion: Why is the Bible so filled with blood, guts, and immorality?

The film industry is regulated by certain government guidelines. Movies are categorized by a series of ratings indicating what different governing bodies feel are appropriate for certain audiences, usually according to age. In Canada each province operates independently but the rating system is similar to other countries. In America the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) [...]

R-Rated Religion: Why is the Bible so filled with blood, guts, and immorality?2017-02-23T18:07:50+03:00

Why Salvation by Blood?

Have you ever noticed how often the word blood is found in the Bible? In the Old Testament there’s blood everywhere: in basins, on doorposts, sprinkled in the tabernacle (Leviticus 4:6), and around the tabernacle (later the temple). There’s blood sprinkled on the people (Exodus 24:6, 8), blood flowing in the streets (1 Kings 8:5), [...]

Why Salvation by Blood?2019-02-19T01:44:20+03:00

The Juke—Edwards Story: A Contrast in Family Legacy

Last week I posted a blog on the sins of the father’s visited on the children. In that blog I made the point that family sins have serious and lasting consequences. The following article illustrates this in a contrast between a godly home and an ungodly home over many generations. The information in this article [...]

The Juke—Edwards Story: A Contrast in Family Legacy2017-02-23T18:08:14+03:00

Why Do We Pray “in Jesus’ Name?”

When Anne Shirley came to live with the Cuthberts’ at Green Gables she was, in Marilla’s words, “next door to a perfect heathen” (Anne Says Her Prayers, Ch. 7; Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery). She had learned the Shorter Catechism at the orphans’ asylum, which she proved by reciting the answer [...]

Why Do We Pray “in Jesus’ Name?”2017-02-23T18:08:14+03:00

Punished for “The Sins of the Fathers”—Really!?

A few years ago I stood with a friend on the sidewalk of a small village in Northern Ireland. As we stood there chatting, a young man walked by whose life was evidently deteriorating in sin. He was quite a bit younger than my friend and me and we both were aware of the [...]

Punished for “The Sins of the Fathers”—Really!?2017-02-23T18:08:15+03:00