We Are Created to Think

The words of God, “let us make man” (Genesis 1:26) on the sixth day of creation introduce the creation of a being that would be different from every other part of creation. Man became the greatest part of the week’s work and the only part of creation that is said to be made in the [...]

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“A New Song”

The term “new song” appears about ten times in Scripture. It is a label for a victory song; fresh praise for fresh victories. The term “new song” is always found with the indefinite article “a new song.” There is nothing in the Old Testament to which we can point and say, “this is the new [...]

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Five Suggestions for Daily Interaction with the Word of God

Daily devotion is a way of life, not a moment in time. It is, what John Calvin referred to, commenting on Hebrews 4:9, “a sabbathizing reserved for God’s people, that is a spiritual rest; to which God daily invites us.” While there are times when we “do our devotions” these are simply concentrated periods which enable us [...]

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