“It’s often a struggle for Christians to find a short, simple statement of the Gospel that they can give to an unbeliever. The Gospel of Salvation meets that need. It is short without missing out what’s important, and it’s simple without being simplistic. I hope and pray it will be used in the salvation of many souls.”  Dr. David Murray, (Professor of Old Testament at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary) 

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This little booklet, published by thinkGOSPEL.com is the transcript of video presentations by Dr. Alan Cairns and can by found on thinkgospel.com. It answers seven evangelical questions in two sections…
1. What is Salvation by Grace?
2. What is Salvation through Faith?

1. What is the spiritual condition of man by nature?
2. How can depraved man be saved?
3. For whom did Jesus die?
4. How can I answer the gospel invitation?
5. Can a Christian ever loose his salvation?