The Christian is not to accept homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle, no more than he would accept adultery as legitimate. Godly correctness and fidelity to the truth are more important than political correctness or conformity to society. To honour God is infinitely more beneficial than honouring the lusts of sinful men and women. Although Daniel paid a heavy price for his “civil disobedience” (emphasis on civil) nothing could induce him to serve the gods of the nation (Daniel 3:12).

What is the Christian to do to counter this movement in society?

1. Pray. The key characteristic of Daniel’s strength in a pervasive society was prayer. The Church of Christ needs to pray more than ever against the Gay Movement. Pray that the Lord would throw a stick in its spokes and halt its momentum. Pray that the Lord would deliver our children from its insidious influence. Pray that the Lord would give the courage of conviction to stand fast in the evil day. Pray that Christians would not bow to the gods of the nation, that we would, like Daniel, rather die than defile the purity of the truth.

2. Preach. Both from the pulpit and in common conversation we need to proclaim the truth without fear or compromise. Society has been successful in muzzling the mouth of the Church. The church needs a return to good old-fashioned godliness in the tradition of the ancient church; Malachi 3:16 “Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another.” And in the early New Testament Church (Acts 2:46). This was the type of Godliness that flowed naturally out of a heart in love with the Saviour, and that was evident to those around who would be added to the Church.

3. Practice Morality. It seems a little disingenuous for the Christian church to preach against immorality of one sort and indulge immorality of another. Adultery, fornication and licentious living are rife in the church and much of it passes off without discipline. What power of persuasion does a church have (or an individual) if its message is compromised and inconsistent?