Reading: Ephesians 5:16

Ten years ago today, America suffered one of the world’s most destructive terrorist attacks. The world watched in shock and disbelief as news footage showed two planes being flown into the twin towers in New York and the Pentagon, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives. Other lives were lost as air passengers fought with hijackers and their plane was destroyed. Events like these are hard to explain and even harder to understand. However, as we remember these events, there are certain truths that we can be certain about.

Death and suffering are the result of the fall of man. When God created this world death was unknown. Adam and Eve were created in holiness and righteousness. They had peace with God and there was no suffering and no death. But when Adam sinned that changed, and ever since the world has been marked with sorrow, suffering, and death. Sin brings death, and in the case of 9/11, the sinful actions of sinful men brought death.

God is in sovereign control of all the affairs of this world. Tragic events often give rise to the thought that either the world is out of control or the world is in the devil’s control. Neither position is true. God is still on the throne. He is not the author of sin, but He is over all the affairs of men. He rules as the omnipotent God. He judges and works according to the counsel of His own perfect will. He is sovereign. This is true even of the inexplicable events of life.

God’s people have a solemn responsibility to redeem the time. Sudden destruction impresses upon the heart that life at best is brief. Time is short; therefore, we must buy up the time or redeemed it for God’s glory. Believers must pray and work to bring the gospel to a dying world. The events of 9/11 should stress the urgency of such a work!

Doubtless, these are fearful times for many. Yet there is good news to report. But you won’t find the headline tracking across the screen of any news broadcast. The good news is found in God’s Word. It declares that though we are weak, vulnerable humans, God’s children can find strength and grace in Him even in debilitating circumstances. (John MacArthur on 9/11)