Reading: Genesis 3:15

These are the first words of grace to a lost world. When were these words spoken? Just after sin had come in, and innocence was gone, and man had become a guilty creature before God. One command had been given, for the purpose of seeing whether he would love, and fear, and serve his Maker. That one command had just been trodden under foot. Pause here for one moment and think. Some people dream of earning eternal life by doing God’s will. This way has been tried. It failed. The end of it was ruin.

By whom were these words spoken? “The Lord God said.” What proof is here, that our God is merciful and gracious! Think how He had been offended! Think, with what base ingratitude—with what contempt He had been treated! Satan’s lie had been trusted rather than His truth. His easy yoke had been broken, as if it had been some hard restraint. The language of the proud heart had been—We will not have God to reign over us! God, even He, descends. No thunder-bolt is in His hands. No avenging angels follow to sweep the rebels into perdition. The voice which speaks is the voice of mercy. The tidings which are brought, are the tidings of deliverance. O my soul, can you consider the Speaker, and not exclaim—Truly, God is good

To whom were these words spoken? Three only were present. First the guilty pair. Mark their state, and learn from it that the first step in the way of salvation is taken by God. We have sure evidence before us. He wills to save, when man wills to die. He moves to save, when man moves to perish. Our first parents are before Him, a picture of all fallen sinners who would be born of them. As they were, so are we by nature. They were sinners, blind and hardened. So are we.

Reader! calmly meditate on this. You will see, that when man is all careless, God is all care; when man can do nothing, God does all; when man deserves nothing, God gives all. Salvation is from first to last of grace! Man rushes to hell. Grace calls to heaven.

This entire devotional is taken from Henry Law “The Gospel in Genesis” Ch. 4 (published by Banner of Truth Trust)