The Folly of Pride and Presumption

daily-devotionalsPride and presumption have been, in the godly as well as the ungodly, the forerunners of a fall. The first man, Adam, and the first apostle, Peter, both fell by these. Had Adam given less heed to a weaker sex and Peter to the presumption of a weak confidence, the one would not have plunged humanity into the depth of wickedness, or both themselves into the depth of sorrow. High conceits and resolutions built on shallow ground can promise nothing but ruin on the head of him that builds them.

Dr. Edward Reynolds was born in 1599 in Southampton, England. He received his BA degree at Oxford in 1618. In 1622, before studying for his masters, Reynolds became a chaplain to the king and preacher at Lincoln’s Inn, London. The puritanical inclinations of Dr. Reynolds were well known; his character of piety and decorum were evident even in his college years. Edward Reynolds is known as the Bishop of Norfolk, but he was bishop for only the final fifteen years of his life and ministry. Prior to that he was the rector of Braunston, Northamptonshire, for almost thirty years. Although Reynolds was a Presbyterian by conviction, he had a reputation of moderation in his church polity. This was evidenced in his role in the Westminster Assembly. He was the only member to sit on all three of the major committees on the Confession of Faith, and with his moderate spirit provided balance in the discussions.

These devotions are taken from the works of Edward Reynolds. They have been edited for © 2013 thinkgospel.