Happy Tears and the Words of Christ

daily-devotionalsThe beginning of Peter’s repentance is a remembrance and an application of the words of Christ. How powerful is temptation that it can banish out of our minds the truth of God or our own danger. He that is too mindful of his safety will be too unmindful of his faith. A sanctified memory, whether in retaining divine truth or in presenting our own sin is an excellent preparation to repentance and like a steady wind, draws together the clouds which will afterwards produce those happy tears (Mark 14:72).

Dr. Edward Reynolds was born in 1599 in Southampton, England. He received his BA degree at Oxford in 1618. In 1622, before studying for his masters, Reynolds became a chaplain to the king and preacher at Lincoln’s Inn, London. The puritanical inclinations of Dr. Reynolds were well known; his character of piety and decorum were evident even in his college years. Edward Reynolds is known as the Bishop of Norfolk, but he was bishop for only the final fifteen years of his life and ministry. Prior to that he was the rector of Braunston, Northamptonshire, for almost thirty years. Although Reynolds was a Presbyterian by conviction, he had a reputation of moderation in his church polity. This was evidenced in his role in the Westminster Assembly. He was the only member to sit on all three of the major committees on the Confession of Faith, and with his moderate spirit provided balance in the discussions.
These devotions are taken from the works of Edward Reynolds. They have been edited for thinkgospel.com. © 2013 thinkgospel.