Reading: 1 Peter 1:2

Most of us are familiar with the proverb “first things first.” That advice  holds good in most areas of life and it certainly makes sense in regard to spiritual realities. Before a person can live a Christian life, he must become a Christian. True Christianity centers on the work of the trinity; it is not of man, it is of God in His three persons.

Salvation has been appointed by God the Father. The foreknowledge of God is the foundation of our salvation. This term does not mean that God foresaw what men would do and then ordered His plan accordingly. Rather, it means that He decreed or foreordained salvation for His particular people. They were chosen from before the foundation of the world. Their salvation was planned by God from eternity.

Salvation has been accomplished by God the Son. Our text refers to the “obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus.” It is impossible to consider true salvation and not consider the person and work of Christ. What was promised in God’s covenant was purchased by Christ’s crucifixion. Christ did not die to make salvation possible. He died to make it actual. He died with the purpose of saving His people. His blood was shed for their redemption. He accomplished what God appointed.

Salvation has been applied by God the Spirit. The basic meaning of the word sanctification is “to set apart.” In salvation, is it the Spirit who effectually calls the sinner and sets him apart unto Christ. His work secures the believer’s union with the Saviour. In other words, He applies what has been accomplished. Our salvation involves the entire trinity and that makes your salvation sure and secure!

God throws his whole self into the work of salvation.” (C. H. Spurgeon,  40:172)