Meditations on Christ the Redeemer

“The Incarnation bridges over the abyss between earth and heaven; it brings the Almighty, the All-wise down to the minds and hearts of his reasonable creatures. The Word made flesh is God condescending to our finite capacities; and this condescension has issued, in a clear strong sense, of the being and attributes of God, such as is not found beyond the bounds of Christendom.  The last prayer of Jesus, that His redeemed might know that only true God, has been answered in history…. How profound, how varied, how fertile is the idea of God. How energetic is this idea—how totally is it removed from the character of an impotent speculation!  How does it, again and again, bend wills, and soften hearts, and change the current and drift of lives, and transfigure the souls of man.”

—Canon H. P. Liddon (1829–1890)