Reading: Genesis 3:17-19

Eve’s responsibility was more passive, whereas Adam’s was distinctly active; Eve must submit, but Adam must support. She will find difficulty in submitting, and he will struggle with the responsibilities of leadership. Both demand humility.

It is not difficult to see how Adam’s mismanagement of the home led to his sin; Eve is “calling the shots,” making the suggestions, and all beside her silent husband. Adam did not try to develop his home or channel his wife’s potential. He was not definite in his leadership but allowed circumstances to chart his course rather than taking the helm himself. To change the metaphor, Adam allowed his home to evolve rather than creating it. How easy it is to allow the current mood to effect the home, to shape the thought, and to mold the home into something we never intended and end like the old Chinese proverb that says “in a broken nest there are few whole eggs.”

Men, think of those whom the Lord holds up as inspired warnings. Meditate on their mistakes and avoid their follies. Lot looked to the “well watered plains,” Eli tried to preserve his sons’ self-esteem, and Elimelech looked for provision in the forbidden. Let us by the Word of God lead and not be led, mold and not be molded, manage and not be manipulated. All that is in the world militates against us in this titanic task. The potential for realising our negligence too late is very real. And yet all this is doable by the grace of the gospel. Lord, help me to call out to God for this grace, reach out to my family in humility, and step out in action by faith.

Dear heavenly Father, since Thou hast placed upon me the name and the office of Thine honour and dost desire that I be called and honoured as a father, grant me grace and bless me that I may rule and support my dear wife and children in a Christian manner. Grant me wisdom and strength to rule and to raise them well, and give to them a good heart and will to follow Thy teaching and to be obedient. Amen. Martin Luther (Here I Stand: An Inspiration Treasury of Martin Luther)

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