Reading: “And his name shall be called Wonderful”—Isaiah 9:6

Wonderful, for surely every thing in Him, and concerning Him, of whom the prophet speaks, is eminently so. But who will speak of His wonders—the wonders of the Godhead, the wonders of Christ’s manhood, of both natures united and centered in one per- son? Who will talk of the wonders of His work, the wonders of His offices, characters, relations, miraculous birth, His death, resurrection and ascension? Who will follow Him and tell of the exercise of His everlasting priesthood?

Who shall speak of the wonders of His righteousness or the sin-atoning blood? What angel shall be found competent to proclaim the wonders of the Father’s love, in giving Himself for poor sinners? What archangel could write the wonders of His love, in undertaking and accomplishing redemption? And who but God the Spirit can manifest both in the height, and depth, and breadth, and length, of a love that surpasses knowledge?

Is there not a wonder yet, that all this concerns you, Christian, and your interest in Him, whose name is wonderful? Yes, for sure all wonders seem lost in the contemplation compared to that—that Jesus should look on me in my lost, ruined, and undone estate. Well might the Lord, concerning Jesus and His people, declare them to be as men wondered at (Zechariah 3:8). And blessed Lord, the more love You have shewn to Your people, the more are they wonder of the world. Precious Lord, continue to surprise my soul with the tokens of Your wonderful love. All the tendencies of Your grace, the manifestations of Your favour, visits, love-tokens, pardons, renewing, Your morning call, evening, and midnight grace—all are among Your wonderful ways of salvation; and all testify to my soul, that Your name and work are wonderful. 

Taken from The Poor Man’s Evening and Morning Portions by Rev. Robert Hawker, Works, Vol. 8; 1830. Edited by Aaron Dunlop for thinkgospel.com ©2013.