The Team – about to start downtown

Wednesday evening here…late. It had been a busy day and the team is still strong—Ben has even twisted my arm to do an early morning run round Elk and Beaver lake at 6:30 am in the morning morning. Getting back to today…we started with the news that Steven Lee’s rental car got broken into, a window smashed! Thankfully there was nothing stolen notwithstanding the fact that Katie’s camera was in it. At the last minute Steven had taken out extra insurance and all damages were covered.  This morning, after our group devotional time there was a workshop on “Personal Evangelism” with lots of questions and discussion of the biblical motivations and methods of evangelism.

This afternoon we recorded some video footage of the outreach downtown. We had some very profitable discussions with individuals and we pray that the Lord would use those to the salvation of souls. The young people were encouraged and eager to speak to people.

After supper at the Swiss Chalet—a treat from Steven Lee—we went the Prayer meeting. Steven spoke on his work with Sermon Audio and its ministry around the world. Steven then brought a very encouraging word from II Chronicles 32:7-8, “there is more with us than with him.”

Steven and I then came back to our house and did some Q&A videos for SermonAudio. Katie was tired but very patient in waiting on us. It is late here then, and Ben will be waiting on me in the morning at 6.30:(


Steven Lee recorded the workshop


The shattered glass lying on the front seat