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Gospel of Salvation


The gracious work of God in dealing with the problem of sin is truly magnificent. Some Christians, happy to admit its genius and glory, praise the message rather than the present it to sinners. Others, in their haste to present the message of the gospel do not take the time to examine its true content and therefore never really present it in its beauty and fullness.




“This little book begins with the question, “What is salvation by grace?” In many ways that is a loaded question for it assumes a couple of basic truths that most people don’t like. It assumes that men are lost and need to be saved. And it assumes that they cannot save themselves; they need the grace of God. When you consider that the often fervent religious activity of millions of men and women around the world is aimed at securing their salvation, you will see that the idea of salvation not by human effort but by God’s free grace poses a radical challenge to the way most people think. Yet despite what most people think, the Bible teaches that salvation is by grace alone through faith in Christ alone.


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