February 25th 1882 “I actually have written nothing in my diary since Christmas Eve!…I went up to London on the last day of the old year; I was to have gone on the Thursday before, but Miss Jones was ill and dear Tom had to write day after day to tell me I must defer coming first one day and then another…He grew impatient and detecting this in his letters I resolved to go on the Saturday; I went to prayer meeting at 7.00pm at the (Metropolitan) Tabernacle, then to Watch Night Service. 

Met dear Tom, near the Clock Tower in the morning and at once felt perfectly happy and at rest. I stayed over a fortnight so as to have three Sundays with him, and though I had this book (the diary) with me I would not write in it because each day passed so happily that I thought the record I should pen in my then frame of feeling would afterward read as if I thought it Elysium indeed.

I wish to tone down my impressions so as not to allow myself to expect life in London to be always so placid as it has been during my visits to it. Our wedding day is now fixed for the 28th of March and I look forward to it with joy almost amounting to impatience.

I am far from indifferent to the dear friends I shall leave behind, Oh! How deeply I love them and anxious I feel to leave everything in as good state as possible for them. Much do I wish business was not in so deplorable condition and daily I pray that dear Alf (Emily’s brother) may be sustained under trials which certainly at this time and a good while past, press heavily upon him. The Lord is leading him by a rugged path, but the end will be right I know. We began cleaning on the 15th (January 1882) and by last night had got 6 rooms done; I am clearing drawers and boxes much more thoroughly than ever before; extra prefight has been given me in many ways – a capital useful servant has been presented; the loss of my former one last October has proved a decided benefit; to God be all the praise for all things – one mercy I ask in faith (for I firmly believe it will be as I wish) viz. that dear Ma may be permitted to know of me leaving and give her cheerful consent to it before I go. Another favour I desire viz. a teacher for my Sunday Class, I wonder whether I shall see that granted.”

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