Monday March 29th 1882. Dawned at length the happy day, when, preparations completed, we turn our thoughts to London. Train starts 11.18, we must not be late. Jessie and Miss Mason do all in their power to serve me to the last. Hesley drives us to the station. At Peterborough we meet with Drusilla. London express arrive and we are in 1 ½ hours to see the object of my hearts affections! Sleep for me once more acts a kindly part and draws the curtain of insensibility over my anticipating heart!

Colney Hatch! Wood green! Finsbury Park! and next King’s X, where, on a seat on the platform, I saw, yes I alone (why not all the rest, or only one) dear Tom, awaiting our arrival. The rest of that day was not unimportant, for it was marked by kind attentions to our comfort on his part, loving fondness from dear Alfred, who was pleased to have our company on the last day of my single life. On reaching Mrs. Kelk’s we found every preparation for our requirements, took supper and retired before very late – ‘tis true Drusilla nor I slept much, but the tardy morning dawned at length and I was dressed by 10. past 7, ready to have a walk with dear Alf; this we did not take but chatted in his bedroom till breakfast time.

We reached the Tabernacle ¼ past 10; dear Tom went first with Willie, then Alf and Drusilla, Eva and I followed in a four wheeler. Mr. and Mrs. Freeman; A. Lake; Mrs. Griffin; Mrs. Parnel, were present; Mr. Dunn the ceremony, which he made short and simple in character, followed by an earnest address full of counsel and pathos.

Waterloo station was our next stage and here we took a cheerful farewell of Eva, Willie, Alfred and Drusilla, while I, happy at that moment, but not so joyous as I have been ever since, got in with my dearly loved and loving friend; a friend of 10 years acquaintance, who through all that time had never wavered in his attachment to me.

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