The Diary of a Godly Housewife (Pt. 19. Honeymoon: “…wish to be settled and form that ‘home’…”)

//The Diary of a Godly Housewife (Pt. 19. Honeymoon: “…wish to be settled and form that ‘home’…”)

The Diary of a Godly Housewife (Pt. 19. Honeymoon: “…wish to be settled and form that ‘home’…”)

I am writing this on Sunday April 2nd (1882) and want to give a short account of each day of the past week as spent in that delightful spot, the Isle of Wight. Except where high banks or smoky tunnels interfered, fresh beauties came in sight, for all the way from London to Portsmouth the scenary is good. We walked on the pier from the train to the boat; large cranes picked up high cages full of luggage and turning round like the living trunk of an invisible elephant transferred them to the steamer. Soon we were fairly started, but owing to loss of rest and subsequent exertion I felt too dizzy to look about me. The sea was chasing away from us, the pier, the houses, all were on the twist and I had to think over tales of heroism and scenes on Terra Firma or any and everything beside the monstrous sea. Coming back however this was quite different, and every future ride on the water I thoroughly enjoyed.

We stayed at Ryde and on the first evening walk some distance by the esplanade down the beach. Wednesday morning we sat by our large windows, overlooking the sea, writing some letters and sending off the cards. The pier commenced a few yards to our right, so we had it in full view and as lines for train and tram were parallel with it the scene was kept alive by their motion to and fro. About 10.30 we went out intending to take tram to Sandown but at length decided to walk a distance of about 4 miles. Well were we repaid for the effort! Primroses, wild flowers and ferns grew profusely most of the way, winding lanes with lovely scenery each side brought us to the village of Brading, where Legh Richmond lived and whose annals of the poor written by him there have given undying interest to it.

Arrived at Sandown, we had tea at the Temperance Hotel and having enjoyed it and the rest it gave we engaged a vehicle and drove to Shanklin and back. The next day we visited Cowes but showers descended and we returned early to enjoy the evening at Ryde. Friday morning had a lovely walk being some distance on the sea beach and a good while among the shady trees and winding roads of the island. Returning we bade farewell to each familiar object and prepared rather reluctantly to leave for home. Yet scarcely reluctantly for we for I at least had a wish to be settled and form that ‘home’ which from the adaptability we discovered in each to the other might reasonably be expected to become a very happy place to both. This is Sunday afternoon.

June 25th Nearly 3 months since the above narrated incidents took place, and I can very truthfully say one of the happiest 3 months of my life!


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