Some background to this diary: In doing some research for another project I have been privileged to have in my possession the personal diary of Mrs. Emily Kelk. Emily was married in the Metropolitan Tabernacle in March 1882 to Thomas Kelk where they attended during the ministry of Rev. C. H. Spurgeon and where Thomas served as the assistant superintendent to Spurgeon’s Orphanage. There are some very interesting and never-before-seen insights into Mr. Spurgeon’s ministry which will appear in following excerpts from the diary (© 2011; published here with permission).

Prior to  her marriage Emily attended another little Strict Baptist Chapel outside London in addition to Metropolitan Tabernacle. She writes here of that Chapel.

“Sunday 27th Nov. 1881. (referring to the weeks previous)

Bible Class, which was arranged for the session on Friday 18th when but few came and some discouragement was felt, the pastor however, as usual, apparently kept cheerful, though often I have wondered how he could when gatherings were so thin.  Fri. 25th (Bible Class) the address by the pastor I thought was charming, a very spiritual tone; very much I enjoyed it and wished several others had heard it. Its chief point being “the love of Christ constraineth us.” The object of our class was to be to investigate God’s word, and every subject of a purely scriptural character. I enjoyed it much and on reaching home felt glad that Sunday was so near, that again we might tread the hollowed courts.

That day (Sunday 27th)is now nearly past and I am writing this between nine and ten period. I fear i am losing my influence for good in the Sunday School! Oh surely it is not so. I have lately taken the boys first class and they are rude, lawless want a firm and loving teacher. I fear I am out of my sphere among them and I shall do them no good and myself harm. I resolved today I would never take it again but afterward thought this would be cowardly  and hope future attempts may be more successful.

Today have thoroughly enjoyed both sermons. Very good they were.  Morning text – Isaiah 40:27-31. I felt very lonesome and said to myself “I appear in each an isolated position”. That very word was used in the beginning of the sermon and the joyful (word) was declared that our individual way was not hid from the Lord, but the path he was leading us would prove to be the “right way.”