Dec. 31st  (1882) “The last night of the year. Oh! What a happy one it has been to me! Marked by the Lord’s goodness in so many particulars. The Tabernacle services very much enjoyed. And my fondly loving husband so unvarying in thoughtfulness appears the greatest blessing I could possess. A few Sunday mornings we stayed from Chapel, but the last 3 we have again been. Francis Tucker on the 1st of these was a great treat. Last Sunday the Pastor (C. H. Spurgeon. ed.) in great pain (Christmas Sunday) preached twice. This morning his Father was present and must have been much pleased at the scene before him. Sermon one of the most striking. Short portion of Scripture read referring to vineyards – text “Supposing him to be the gardener”. We were charmed, who could help but be. Miss M. Brown came to tea, Tom would not have gone to the orphanage except that he had provided her company for me in afternoon.

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