January 21st 1883. Just three weeks since I wrote the above! What shall I say of them…three weeks crowded with mercies; loaded with benefits; gilded with love, gladdened by communion, Filled up by lessons whispered in my ear by the Heavenly Instructor – but, saddened by bereavement! Darkened by disappointment! Rendered more grievous too by seeing my precious husband grieved! In a way I never grieved him before! It seems almost wicked in me to fret for the only one mercy God has denied to me; but the heart does feel, and the tears must flow! And when nurse has left me and I shall be alone! How shall I rise above the grief I feel? “Sufficient unto the day “however” is the evil thereof”.

How thankful should I be for health restored! It is cheering to hope that my empty hands may now again be employed in the master’s work. I hope both on Sundays and weekdays to spend myself for others. Had I had my precious cherub my whole time would have been sweetly (and somewhat selfishly) taken up with him. This I think God foresaw and willed it otherwise. Might I not have been too proud of my treasure? He knows the reason he has taken it away. May my life answer the end he designs to work by it. My nurse is the best he could have provided me with. My dear husband and his friends as attentive as possible. Let me close this record of gladness and sadness for a fresh leaf and begin an Ebenezer to raise for God’s sparing and restoring mercy to me (Sunday morning).

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