“March 25th 1883 Very sweet season in hearing Mr. C. H. Spurgeon from John 10. “Other Sheep I have etc.” Memory went back to the time before I knew the Saviour, when the verse seemed like a ledge on the mountainside on which I could get a slight foothold and hope to advance in the distant prospect, when some of the “other sheep” should be running to the fold. I thought too of the time when dear Ma brought us to London and sat with dear Pa and me in the top gallery (in 1861 or 62) I do not know the subject of the discourse but am conscious that the influence of the service upon me was good and never effaced. Dear Ma’s present condition in contrast to what she was then brought me tears. I grieved to write that Mr. Horace Smith of Mansfield St. S. S. Died at 11:30 tonight.”

NB. The Metropolitan Tabernacle opened in March 1861.
Spurgeon’s sermon on the date of this diary entry was titled “Other Sheep and One Flock” (#1713)




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