“March 28th 1882. Our first wedding day Anniversary card from dear Miss Brown. And from dear Jennie and nice long letter. It has been a very happy year to me and our hearts mutually desire to be spared many more years to each other yet our Heavenly Father knows best and the recent death of dear Mr. Smith reminds us forcibly that the healthy often die and good husbands are removed, active workers called early to their reward. The greatest wisdom is to be ready to depart or willing to stay. Trustingly to resign our loved ones to God’s hand if he bids us and restrain undue grief at their departure! Oh poor heart how could’st thou do it! Earthly tendrils cling very close to thee! Sensitive in disposition and strong in affection, death’s strokes are almost more than I can endure, but “as thy day thy strength shall be.”  

Editors Note: This is all the more interesting given the fact that Emily’s husband died ten years later and left her with a young family. That which she feared came upon her, as Job experienced; Job 3:25

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