“Wed. November 30th  1881: Was asked to go to Pinchbeck to give recitations, but some change took place in the meeting and I have not gone. I am very glad as I could not well leave home having been out a good deal lately and it is very cold.

Called at Mrs. Reed’s this afternoon…poor people! They are full of trouble, having to leave their farm, under distraint for rent. They have nowhere at present. God is trying many of us in temporal things, my chief desire is to gain eternal riches, though far too often I find myself wishing for this and that. Oh to be entirely resigned to the will of our Heavenly Father.”


Some background to this diary: In doing some research for another project I have been privileged to have in my possession the personal diary of Mrs. Emily Kelk. Emily was married in the Metropolitan Tabernacle in March 1882 to Thomas Kelk where they attended during the ministry of Rev. C. H. Spurgeon and where Thomas served as the assistant superintendent to Spurgeon’s Orphanage. There are some very interesting and never-before-seen insights into Mr. Spurgeon’s ministry which will appear in following excerpts from the diary (© 2011; published here with permission).

Prior to  her marriage Emily attended another little Strict Baptist Chapel outside London in addition to Metropolitan Tabernacle. She writes here of that Chapel.