January 24th 1885 “Went down to dear Father’s Tuesday previous much to my joy and against my expectation. Dear Alfred ever forgetful of himself took a deal of pains to make us comfortable. I believe he and father were repaid by the comparatively cheerful time we spent together.

My much loved baby who I had hoped would give cause for commendation for her good behaviour was however excitable, irritable, unwilling for me to turn my back and this troubled me much more because I knew she had hitherto been unchecked and paid far too much attention to by us all.

Dear Alf once more increased my obligation to him by helping me to teach her to go to bed awake and understand she was laid down for the purpose of going to sleep. Also that it is naughty to cry and she must not have what she cries for. What a mistake do people make who think babies do not know when they can have their own way!”

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