Our Dependence on Christ


Who would think that a weak rooster would be able to do more with Peter than prophets and apostles with other men? Who would think that the sound of the rooster’s crow would be heard so deep as the confines of hell? But these weak means were quickened and seconded by the look of Christ.

Christ first turns and looks back in mercy at Peter, before Peter can turn in sorrow and repentance to Him. Even the Christian would lie still in the depth of sin wherein he has been plunged, if that power, which in wisdom suffered him to fall, did not in grace and pity raise him up. Peter cannot remember the words of his master until Christ remembers the misery of His disciple.

Dr. Edward Reynolds was born in 1599 in Southampton, England. He received his BA degree at Oxford in 1618. In 1622, before studying for his masters, Reynolds became a chaplain to the king and preacher at Lincoln’s Inn, London. The puritanical inclinations of Dr. Reynolds were well known; his character of piety and decorum were evident even in his college years. Edward Reynolds is known as the Bishop of Norfolk, but he was bishop for only the final fifteen years of his life and ministry. Prior to that he was the rector of Braunston, Northamptonshire, for almost thirty years. Although Reynolds was a Presbyterian by conviction, he had a reputation of moderation in his church polity. This was evidenced in his role in the Westminster Assembly. He was the only member to sit on all three of the major committees on the Confession of Faith, and with his moderate spirit provided balance in the discussions.
These devotions are taken from the works of Edward Reynolds. They have been edited for thinkgospel.com. © 2013 thinkgospel.