1605-19EDOur train was at a full stop when we got up this morning. We have been on the train over four days and five nights. Have just written to Mann’s and George Sinnamon.

Our train is guarded. A man took some letters from some of our boys to mail. One of them saw him and stopped him. he ordered the man to remain with a soldier, but he began to move off whereupon the soldier brought up his gun and ordered him to stop so he had to. I don’t know where he was taken to. At about 1 pm we left the train and after waiting about 2 hrs. on the docks, we went on board the “Adriatic.”

The are all kinds of rumours afloat. Our ship coaled in New York and they say bombs etc. are secretly on board. Also the Americans are betting 4 to 1 that we won’t reach England. “God is our refuge and strength.”