Reading: “Tell me, you whom my soul loves.” Song of Solomon 1:7

One of the greatest problems facing the Church today is the subject of Christian marriage. Putting aside the morass of gender confusion in which the world wallows—and which is seeping into some areas of the Church—there is a disturbing trend of divorce and marriage dysfunction and disruption within traditional Christian marriages. This is an unfortunate apologetic for Christian marriage to a world that wants to redefine it.

The Holy Spirit has given the Church this book in order that it might glorify Christ through a biblical theology of marriage. Marriage is a gift from God to be enjoyed and to bring blessing into our lives. Marriage is not a science, it’s an art. It is not formal and static; it is dynamic and relational. Marriage is not two room-mates working out a chore list or a mere co-habitation where two busy career people can catch up romantically on a “date-night” every three months.

In this book the marriage relationship is demonstrated in true emotional, intellectual and physical love-making. Marriage is psycho-physical—the fusing of two people in mind, heart and body (Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:5-6). When Adam “knew Eve his wife” he knew her!