Reading:And Adam called his wife’s name Eve, because she was the mother of all living.” Genesis 3:20
The first human being that Satan spoke to, according to the record of Scripture, was the woman. She was a “young” recently married home-maker and soon to be the mother of us all. She was also the first woman-liberator; a free-thinking, independent woman who did not think to seek the advice of her husband. Of course Adam must carry the greater part of the blame, for not exercising his dominion and casting the serpent out of the garden. We all know the cosmic chaos that resulted. The first evidence of the chaos was manifested, ironically, in the home when both Adam and his wife began to blame each other for their sin. Deviation from God’s order always brings confusion and discord.
The curse on humanity after the fall included the entire physiological struggle of the woman; physical discomfort, pain and risk in child-bearing. This is what Peter meant when he spoke of the woman being the “weaker vessel” (1 Peter 3:7).
Our first mother was happiest when she was protected, supported and comforted by her husband. Adam realized this when heard the gospel promise and he memorialized that promise by changing his wife name to Eve; the mother of the Living One. “Eve” is a statement of devotion to God, of a living and active faith in the face of unrelenting hardship. It presents us with a stunning response to the problems of life.
The declaration “Eve” also presents us with an insight into the renewed Christian marriage. The relationship had been damaged in the fall and they played a little of the “blame game.” But now, with a little sanctified imagination, we see Adam taking Eve by the hand and saying, “don’t worry dear, there is hope in the promise of God.”