Reading: “For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened” Genesis 3:5
Imagine if you took the railings and the danger signs from the edge of the Grand Canyon. This is what Satan did in the garden when he said “you shall not die.” But he went further and replaced the danger sign with one reading “play area.” There is no danger here. In fact, he said essentially, “this is an exciting adventure, a new experience.” God had promised that sin would bring destruction, but Satan convinced Eve that it would in fact bring personal improvement; “your eyes will be opened.” Standing looking down over the ragged cliff into the bottomless pit, Satan convinced Eve that the free-fall would be an exhilarating thrill.
How blind we are to the blatant lies of Satan, and how easily deceived. All around us Eden is being played out again and again. Beware of a culture that says you should not be ashamed of sin but celebrate who you are. Beware of a culture that tells you to make your sin a point of conversation rather than shame and repentance. Beware of a culture that says, “Don’t be ashamed, you will feel better if the world is talking about it…turn your shame into fame.” Beware of a culture that places personal feeling over objective truth, or individuality over accepted moral norms.
The Satan we read of in Genesis three has not changed, and humanity is still listening to him!!