Reading: “For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God” Genesis 3:5
“You shall be like God!” (You is singular, the same word as at the beginning of the verse 5). When Satan said, “Ye shall be like God,” he did not mean in happy conformity to God but in opposing self-sufficiency (Isaiah 14:13f). The devil’s promises are never small nor insignificant; he holds out complete satisfaction, immediately.
Like God! Absolute power, independence and complete contentment. This is it, the ultimate attainment, the final fulfillment! The immediate attainment of the ultimate goal. Can you hear the voice of Satan, even today, “Do this one thing, lady, and you will be completed, you’ll find ultimate fulfillment; there will be nothing else you will ever need or want.” Does it sound familiar?
Sin always presents itself to us as the full and final element in our quest for happiness and completeness. At the point of temptation, everything else in life is insignificant, unimportant and trivial, except that one thing that the devil presently holds before us.  All humanity is a testimony to the false promises of Satan.
The Pride marches, the quest for personal independence and expressions for individuality are the rehashed promises of Satan and the quest to be “like God.” We still think we can attain it. We want power, spiritual self-sufficiency, individual innovation and personal creativity.
Total depravity would have us express ourselves rather than reflect the glory of God.