Daily DevotionalsReading: “Only believe.” —Mark 5:36

O eternal, ever-blessed fountain of all light, source of all happiness, “God of all grace,” look down upon me this morning with that love which “You bear to Your own,” as I venture anew into Your sacred presence. Let me enjoy a sweet season of fellowship with You. Let the world be shut out and may I feel alone with God. “Under the shadow of Your wings would I rejoice.”

I come in the nothingness of the creature, standing alone in the fullness of Jesus. I come “just as I am, without one plea” as a sinner and as the “chief of sinners” to You, almighty Saviour. I seek to disown all creature confidence, and, with all the burden of my guilt, to cast myself for time and for eternity at Your feet. “Lord, save me, else I perish.” I cannot stand in myself. I can stand only in Him who has stood so willingly a surety for me, who is still at the right hand of the Majesty in the heavens, presenting my name and my prayers and my plea before the throne.

have no other confidence, and I need no other. Jesus, I am complete in You. Let me not look inwardly on myself, where there is everything to sink me in despondency and dismay; but let me look with the undivided and unwavering eye of faith to Your bleeding sacrifice. I rejoice to think of the many robes in the church triumphant Your blood has already made white. I rejoice to know that the same blood is free as ever, the same invitation is addressed as ever, the promise and He who promised remain “faithful” as ever: “Him who comes to me I will in no wise cast out.”

Adapted from the Rev. John McDuff, D.D.The Morning Watches, 1852.