Reading: “But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not”Luke 22:32

O blessed Advocate within the veil, I come again this morning with a grateful heart that You are even now interceding for Your tried and tempted saints “that their faith fail not.” Impart to me, Lord, a constant supply of Your promised grace.

Not only sprinkle my heart with Your blood, but conquer it by Your love. Fill me with deep contrition for an erring past; inspire me with purposes of new obedience for the future. May I know, in my sweet experience, that “Your yoke is easy and Your burden light,” that, growing in holiness, I am growing in happiness too. Give me an increasing tenderness of conscience about sin. Lead me, with more filial devotedness, to cultivate a holy fear of offending so gracious a Father. Habitually realizing my new covenant relationship to You, may I ever be ready to exclaim with joyful sincerity, “O Lord, truly I am Your servant!”

Revive, blessed God, Your own work everywhere. “Take to Yourself Your great power, and reign.” Remove all hardness and blindness of heart, all contempt of Your Word. May it have free course and be glorified.

Bless my dear friends. However far separated from one another, we can ever meet at the same throne of the heavenly grace, pleading the same “exceeding great and precious promises.” May we all be following the same path of grace now and meet amid the endless joys of glory hereafter. And all I ask is for Jesus’ sake. Amen.