Pastor J. B. Rowell 1914

J. B. Rowell; Brandon College, 1914

While at Brandon College James pastored in a number of Baptist churches in Manitoba, including Manitou, Keleida and Medora.  James was pastoring the Baptist church in Medora when he enlisted. He recorded his final Sunday at that church.

My farewell day in Medora. John … fetched me from Mr. …’s home and took me to Mr. …’s, where we had dinner. After that we went to Sunday School. We had a good turn out. Then we went to … for tea. We got back in time for service. I spoke from “Today if ye will hear His voice.”  Mr. Scott was down to see if he would like to spend the summer at Medora. The church was crowded so that no sitting room was left.1604-23_ed_Lomo Life 50

We had a meeting of the members after the service. The church debt was cleared ($865.00). I received an application for baptism., also the news that Miss Lamb, who was visiting Medora in the Summer was born again, as a result of Gospel preaching.

(Personal diary)