Reading: “Job … was … one that feared God, and eschewed evil”—Job 1:1

Reverence for God keeps me from sin. When I see sin as hostile and hurtful to God I will fear offending Him. It was this fear that kept Job from sinning: he “feared God” and “eschewed evil.” The horror of sin is related to the conscious presence of God. A child may do something when his parents are absent that he would not do were they there. Peer pressure is a powerful motivator; a young person will fear the opinions of others, in relation to dress, appearance, etc. But if our reverence for God is greater than our fear of others we will please God and not men. Young person in the classroom or on the bus, adult working on your tax return or business transaction, remember, you are under the watchful eye of our holy Father.

Rev. Paul Thompson (N. Ireland)